Welcome to Fortress' A2V Marketplace. Here you can:

  1. Access third party risk data at your fingertips
  2. Gain unique insight and rapid delivery of supplier risks
  3. Participate in a secured member-only network

The Marketplace is for both vendors and their customers and works as follows:

If you are a vendor, you can set up an account and proactively contribute your certifications and assessments. From there, you can invite your customers to see your Trust Portal, and A2V will provide you with alerts on any changes to your products and supply chain.

If you are a critical infrastructure company (customer), you can quickly scale your cyber supply chain risk management with A2V. You can review A2V validated assessments so you can evaluate the business impact risk associated with your vendors and products, and have the peace of mind that A2V will constantly notify you of any changes it sees across its marketplace ecosystem.

Join the market’s leading network for vendor and asset risk management

Key Features

Visit the Asset-to-Vendor Marketplace to browse from over tens of thousands of vendors and 1 million assets (software and hardware).

How it Works

Discover core capabilities of the A2V Marketplace in the video tour

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